Over the last 7 years our consultants have worked with more than 70 companies in 20 different countries to build process safety leadership capability. Our conclusion from that training is that whilst many leaders leave the course committed to improve their process safety performance they and their organisations still lack the necessary detailed understanding of how to rigorously implement an effective process safety management system.

To address that shortfall PIC Education in partnership with Cogent Skills has launched a new training programme – “The Key Elements of a Process Safety Management System”. On completion of this 3 day programme delegates will have the necessary information to:

  • Design a new Process Safety Management System for their facility that is based on world class best practice
  • Improve an existing Process Safety Management System
  • Lead the rigorous implementation of a Process Safety Management System

We encourage all previous course delegates to attend this programme to extend their process safety knowledge and capability.

For more information visit the Cogent Skills web site and download the course leaflet


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