The Dangers of Hot Work

In February 2017, three contractors were fatally injured and seven contractors sustained injuries in an explosion at the Packaging Corporation of America facility in DeRidder, LA. The fatally injured contractors were conducting hot work activities near a tank which contained a flammable atmosphere which exploded. This incident has many similarities with other fatal accidents investigated […]

PIC Education and Cogent Skills launch a new Process Safety Management System training course

Over the last 7 years our consultants have worked with more than 70 companies in 20 different countries to build process safety leadership capability. Our conclusion from that training is that whilst many leaders leave the course committed to improve their process safety performance they and their organisations still lack the necessary detailed understanding of […]

Pressure Relief Systems

To emphasise the importance of effective pressure relief systems we draw your attention to the CSB investigation report into the June 13, 2013 Williams Olefin Plant Explosion and Fire. The incident occurred during non routine operational activities that introduced heat into an offline reboiler that was isolated from its pressure relief device. The overpressure caused […]

Pressure Vessel Failure

In May the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released a “Factual Investigative Update” on the 3rd April 2017 catastrophic rupture of a pressure vessel at the Loy Lange Box Company that killed four people and left another in critical condition. Once again the CSB has demonstrated that it is possible to quickly publish and share […]